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U.S. Case has been one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of custom trunks and ATA transport cases.  Our cases are renowned for their durability and versatility. No matter what…no matter where…no matter how you transport…your equipment is safe and secure in our custom built transport cases.

U.S. Case's production facility is equipped to manufacture hundreds of cases daily, and  we ship cases anywhere in the world. 

We've provided cases to the following industries:  lighting, military, sports, computer, audio/visual, government, telecom, airline, environmental, music, band/ many more.  One aspect that sets us apart from our competitors is the ability to assess the specific requirements of customers and build a product to meet a specific need.

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Network Cable Rig

Network Cable Rig

Finally, a solution for the mobile network installation technician. Anyone who has ever spent time running cable for networks at a new installation site can attest to the challenge of having what you need at hand, and not lost in a sea of cartons and boxes or simply forgotten.

US Case has designed a Network Cable Rig for the purpose of providing network personnel with all of the tools and equipment they need in one box. The box is mobile, with a handle and wheels and includes modules that can further be pulled as needed to make materials easy to access.

Each Rig comes stocked with four main Cat5 network cable colors on refillable spools, a network installation tool kit, extra crimpers, a line tester, and RJ45 connectors. There are also empty storage areas that can be used to customize to the needs of the individual installer, leaving room for additional equipment or specialty tools. The entire case is self-contained in a rugged ATA style, solid construction case, which makes transportation or deployments simple and easy.

Mobile Triage and Treatment Cases

The Medical Surge Case system works with a hospital or medical care treatment center's pre-existing infrastructure.  It's easily managed by staff, and provides a scalable, inexpensive way to supply needed equipment in a non-traditional patient care environment. 
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