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Custom Cases

Quality isn't quality unless it lasts. That's why U.S. Case builds more than just cases. We build relationships through our enduring commitment to customer satisfaction as well as confidence through our superior manufacturing process.

U.S. Case Custom Cases Are Built To Last

Professional Endurance Latches & Handles

Solid steel, spring loaded latches are available in draw bolt, briefcase, twist lock, and flush mount lock styles. This guarantees uncompromising security at all critical closure points. Spring loaded steel handles are recessed to avoid hang-up in transit as well as load balance to allow reduced effort in handling at both ends of the trip.

Shock-Stopping Steel Ball Corners
U.S. Case steel ball corners keep your custom designed cases at least 1/4" about flat surfaces, assuring you that over 80% of the blows absorbed by conventional case surfaces never even reach your U.S. Case container.

Tension-Tested Steel Hinges

The backbone of all container security lies in the design and quality of hinge construction. That's why U.S. Case specifies only genuine nickel plated, steel "piano type" continuous hinges riveted every 2" to ensure precision alignment that stands up under the toughest transit conditions time after time.

Impact Proven Wheels & Casters

Your choice of wheels includes a variety of locking, removable, and weight-tolerant caster styles, all bolted securely to minimum 3/4" caster plates. U.S. Case wheels feature premium ball bearings, neoprene rubber tread and the ability to comfortably support from 300 to 1200 pounds of transit weight.

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Other Construction Features
  • Your choice of long life exterior laminates including tough ABS plastic or optional aluminum, Formica, or fiberglass
  • An added "second defense" of the highest quality 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" AC grade exterior plywood to conform to your specific needs
  • Armor-like extruded aluminum edging is anchored with pneumatically driven, rust proof, nickel plated steel rivets spaced every 3" for maximum strength
  • U.S. Case exclusively designed aluminum tongue and groove (1/4", 3/8" or 1/2") ensures seated closures that are tight and true
  • Recessed handles and latches are standard premium features on all cases
  • Solid steel piano type continuous hinges, nickel plated and riveted every 2" guarantees enduring, trouble-free service
  • Rugged steel corner clamps take the shots your shipment never feels, giving added strength to the tongue and groove
  • Tank-tough steel ball corners (available in "stackable" design)
  • Stainless steel lid stays permanently secured with 3/16" carriage bolts to outlast conventional fasteners
  • All U.S. Case interiors can be custom designed with a variety of polyurethane, polyethylene, antistatic, conductive, or die-cut foams in thicknesses that will assure your load of shock free travel

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