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2-19-2019 Custom Bowed Guitar

US Case is very excited to have worked with Will Kelly with Hard Knocks Guitars to create a custom foam & case solution for one of the most unique instruments we have ever seen...a bowed guitar.  This guitar best described as a cross between an electric guitar and a cello was hand-crafted by Mr. Kelly.  The custom case solution we produced to protect this fine instrument features:

  • Waterproof & Watertight Pelican 1720 Case
  • Precision Cut Foam Insert Using US Case 3D Scanning Technology
  • Rich Plush Lining
  • Accessory Area Below Neck For Rosin, Picks, Etc.

2-12-2019  Custom Case For A Custom Bass

Jimmy Strickland Bass Guitar

A local musician, Johnny Strickland, with Rocky Cross Band/Staggered Rails recently came to US Case for help in protecting his very unique custom-made bass guitar.

What better solution than a custom foam insert for his custom bass guitar.

With the help of our design staff and our 3D imaging equipment, Johnny can now travel in style and with peace of mind in knowing that his treasured bass guitar is well protected.




Bass Guitar


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