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Military & Government Cases

At U.S. Case, we realize the importance of supplying the best service and products that are critical to your mission. We take great pride in working with all levels of military and government personnel to ensure that all your requests are handled in a timely and efficient manner. Our training and experience provide us with the tools to make sure your mission goals are met each and every time.

Our commitment to our government and military customers is to provide the best shipping cases and containers along with custom designed solutions to make sure your equipment arrives ready to perform.

U.S. Case develops, designs, and supplies commercial kits for all military and government requirements. We work directly with contractors and end users so you can be assured that critical mission equipment is where you need it and when you need it. We provide complete solutions from concept to deployment.

Kitting Solution Specifications
Part # Description MSRP
USC-DEMBR-KT21015 Demolition and Breaching Equipment Kit $7,572.50
DZK-MOD13015 Drop Zone Equipment Kit $12,432.45
USC-121914-03H VR62 Manual Pioneer Set $45,000.00
USC-TR-SKEQ-2A Hot Shot Ground Clearing Kit $11,065.00
HMA-STK Humanitarian Mine Act Standard Tool Kit $2,999.00
USC-WSK-914 Rapid Extraction Torch Cutter Kit $11,615.00
USC-031855-51214 Response Force Kit $72,075.00
PCR-SK Portable Cable Rig Standard Kit $2,399.00
MP-SK Mobile Projector Standard Kit $2,499.00
ML-SK Mobile Monitor Lift Standard Kit $4,799.00
HCS-SK Hybrid Charging Station Standard Kit $1,399.00
MFO-SK Mobile Field Office Standard Kit $1,299.00
M4M9-C M4/M9 Transport Case $1,199.00
LAH-C Longbow Apache Helmet Case $929.00
USC-EK-BH1 Extraction Kit $9,719.50
USC-LK-BH2 Lift Kit $12,530.80
USC-RK-BH3 Rope Kit $3,082.25
USC-SK-BH4 Sling Kit $1,397.90
USC-QK-BH5 Quickie Kit $3,597.80
USC-SPK-BH6 Spares Kit $1,065.50
USC-EKS-BH7 Extraction Kit Supplemental $9,346.40
USC-HA-VF3 Fab Shop Support $138,912.72
USC-H5-ST20 Metal Fab Equipment $653,746.70
USC-SF-450 Design & Layout Equipment $449,616.41
USC-CDHT-PM3E Heat Treat Test Kit $85,219.23
USC-72715GM Field & Vehicle Maintenance Kit $5,380.00
USC-RBPK Radius Brake Pan Kit $14,995.00
USC-MTC Sustainment Tool Kit $21,376.00
USC-CM20-101215 Mobile Emergency Response Set $61,485.00
USC-CM20R-81815 Mobile Emergency Response Supplement Set $25,730.00
TEK-ASJ-80042B Kit Skive Hose & Crimp Fitting $11,174.85
TEK-ASJ-80058 Kit Fitting Metric for Hydraulic Hose $5,945.70
TEK-ASJ-80059 Kit Skive & Crimp Hose Extreme High $21,249.84
TEK-ASJ-80061 Kit Hydraulic Hose Power Crimp Equipment $40,384.63
TEK-ASJ-80069 Kit Hydraulic Hose $9,790.20
TEK-JSR-80179V Pipe Fitters Tool Kit 1/8" To 2" $17,181.94
TEK-ASJ-80065 Kit, Cordless Power Tool $14,999.56
TEK-ASJ-80177V Kit, Multi Saw & Drill $15,987.40
TEK-ASJ-80181V Kit, Multi Tool Cordless $6,161.10
TEK-ASJ-04653-NOTAGS Kit TC Aimes II Embark $17,498.45
TEK-ASJ-04653 Kit TC Aimes II Embark $34,912.30
USC-FMSC C-130 Flight Engineer Tool Set $7,537.16
USC-MC4ISR Ground Radio Tactical Communication Sustainment Kit $14,334.00
USC-ITT2 C-130 Maintenance Tool Kit $128,390.00
USC-MTSI C-130 IAF Backshop Kit $920,225.00
USC-DZK-82916 Standard Drop Zone Kit $20,150.00
USC-DZK-82916-C Complete Drop Zone Kit $27,250.00
USC-DZK-080516 Drop Zone Kit Complete $28,000.00
USC-DZK-080516REV17 Drop Zone Kit Complete Rev 17 $28,575.00
USCC-IDRP-A Individual Deployers Readiness Package (AFRICOM) $2,575.00
USC-DZK-82916-03JH Drop Zone Kit with JM Addition $21,840.00
USC-XC500TC-P32717 XC500 TRANSIT CASE $845.00
USC-MCWK-M64 M64 MOUNT $1,594.00
USC-MDK-91917 Mobile Decontamination Kit $6,605.00

Runway Repair Kit


Critical & Essential Tactical Deployment Kit


C and E Tactical Deployment Set

USC-CEK2-02 Emergency Response Medical Deployment Set $148,750.00
USC-AAVTK-01 Amphibious Vehicle Parts & Tools Kit $1,750.00
USC-AAVTK-02 Amphibious Vehicle Parts & Tools Kit $2,050.00
USC-AAVTK-03 Amphibious Vehicle Parts & Tools Kit $1,540.00
USC-TK190403-B Integration & Test Kit $24,850.00
USC-JJTK-R2 Tool, Test & Cabling Kit $39,950.00
USC-EFPM520 Expeditionary Field Production Module $890,135.00
USC-210604-DZK Drop Zone Kit $54,500.00

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