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Tradeshow & Exhibit Cases

Have you ever worked months on a crucial corporate trade display only to discover that the wooden shipping crates failed to protect your important creative investment? Hundreds have shared your pain in this profit-robbing experience. That is why more and more professionals from industries of all types are protecting their investments in conventions and trade shows with U.S. Case custom tradeshow cases.

U.S. Case utilizes a mix of ATA style manufactured cases, durable and lightweight plastic cases, as well as custom fabricated foam inserts to meet your tradeshow transport needs.

When there are hundreds of cases in the convention staging area, both before and after an event, being able to quickly locate your cases can save you time, money, and frustration. U.S. Case has the solution with our permanent Hot Stamp graphics option. We can also Hot Stamp your logo, contact information, and any other label requirements.

Options and features for Custom Tradeshow & Exhibit cases include:

  • Traveler option for the quick in and out at a show
  • T-Style (shoebox) cases for display boards and placards
  • Multi packs and truck packs available for optimized shipping
  • Custom CNC, Water Jet, or Die Cut foam options available for a professional appearance
  • Trays and drawers that can work as secondary displays
  • Motorized lifts available for projectors and plasma screens

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U.S. Case handles a number of accounts for the caretaking of national and personal collectibles and treasures. We have done work for the Smithsonian, NRA, Turner Classic Movies, and others that require protection for items both priceless and irreplaceable. Our foam fabrication abilities allow us to contour cut for exacting fits. The custom cases we fabricate are designed to absorb the impact while our custom interior foam with dampen the shock.

All of our work is done here and we take our responsibility for these artifacts very seriously. We are careful in our handling of the pieces, and pride ourselves on never damaging a piece while in house or in transit back to the customer. We are fully insured for any incident that might arise.

We appreciate your considering us for the handling of your most prized possessions. We will not let you down.

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