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Sports teams rely on equipment managers, team trainers, and team videographers to be prepared for anything on game day. Traveling to away games presents special challenges that require extensive organization. Transporting uniforms, shoes, players' and coaches' equipment, medical equipment, electronic equipment, cameras, camcorders, and miscellaneous supplies to and from the field requires cases and trunks designed to save time and effort. U.S. Case offers a full line of athletic cases and trunks that are rugged enough to last season after season. Our cases are second to none in durability and are stackable and fully customizable.

U.S. Case utilizes a mix of ATA style manufactured cases, durable and lightweight plastic cases, as well as custom fabricated foam to meet your special needs. Whatever sports specialty makes your shipping requirements unique, U.S. Case is the teammate you need for confident, hassle-free equipment transportation.

Options and features for custom sports/athletic cases include:

  • Pneumatic and "never flat" wheels for rolling on turf
  • Plastic bins and drawers for a more lightweight and economical option
  • Table legs in lids to be used on game day
  • All standard options – shoe cubbies, hanging bars, netting, etc.
  • Hot stamp and vinyl graphics available for school logos or other labeling requirements
  • All school colors available (some may require special ordering)

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The transport of musical instruments and production-quality sound systems is serious business for U.S. Case. We understand the value of horns, percussion systems, strings, woodwinds, keyboards, and the myriad of amplification systems associated with staging a high-quality musical production. No equipment is more susceptible to the bumps and grinds of travel than musical instruments and backline gear. Ask professional musicians and technicians who have discovered problems only moments before the show, and they will tell you, "How it will play depends on how it is shipped."

U.S. Case wants all of your last-minute discoveries to be good ones. That is why we can show you dozens of proven protective options, as well as EIA standard rackmounts that will be a great starting point for our own custom designed shipping solution. We can also supply a full line of backline and support cases for your most unique setup. We look forward to performing as well as you do for your audiences!

Backstage or backline…we have your custom cases. We build everything from Wireless Mic Kits, Tech Boxes, Instrument Cases, and Mixer Boards with Doghouses. We can do custom rack cases that will handle your equipment and keep it protected from the ride to the show to the loadout.

Need to pack the truck tightly? All our cases can be configured into truck pack or semi pack designs. Our casters will keep you rolling when the others break down or chip out. Your crew will like the ease with which our cases can be loaded and unloaded. Need something while on the road? Let us know your next stop and we can have it there waiting at the next venue for you.

We also offer hot stamp logos to give your cases that unique look, and the hot stamp process will last for years to come. Permanently embedded into the plastic makes hot stamping better then painted stencils, silkscreens, or labels. When it comes to your backline needs U.S. Case is here to back you up!

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U.S. Case believes in the magic of the theater, concerts, and other staged events. Your audience is expecting professional results, and so should you. Let us help design and fabricate the custom cases and foam interiors to help you pull off that trick.

Any production designer's worst nightmare is hauling around all the rigging, props, lighting, and consoles and ending up with a non-functional mess. You can trust U.S. Case to fabricate a custom transport system to keep you organized and supported from lights up to curtain call!

Our designs include everything from the simple rack of par cans to your most expensive LED lighting systems and projectors. Chain motors and rigging cases demand extra strength, and we build them to stand the test of time. Do you want your console on legs? Do you want it in a split case or a clamshell? What is the best location for the casters for you? We will ask all the right questions so you get the right case.

When it's time to step into the spotlight, do it with a custom fabricated case from U.S. Case!

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