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With doors beginning to reopen, businesses are now faced with an increasing responsibility to provide a safe environment. 

The U.S. Case PPE workstation provides a portable centralized hub for easy access to all personal protective equipment needed to promote a culture of safety, well-being & confidence for both your employees and customers.

PPE CaseFeatures Include:

  • All interior and exterior panels are plastic laminated for reduced surface transmission and efficient wipe down sanitation.
  • Front lid is removable and built to hang on back of case to avoid being misplaced.
  • Front lid may also be used as a secondary billboard for safety messaging. 
  • Front lid can convert to a table top with folding extendable legs.
  • Soft close heavy duty drawer slides for both ease of use and long life under all uses and environments. 
  • Easy roll 4” non scuffing wheels will make for easy maneuverability and with lockable option, the case will hold in place once set.
  • Drawers can be configured to hold single or multiple items with complete customization available if requested.
  • Different colored covered plastic bins can aid in designating specific products for hand out.
  • Multiple stock graphics are available at a minimal expense  or your customized message can be added.
  • Fulfillment option available for masks, gloves, & hand sanitizers.
  • Additional customization available for disinfection foggers & UV light sanitation systems.

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